High School Anatomy for Quest (Quest) (APP LAB)

Do you know how many bones are in the human body?
Explore your body down to the smallest detail. Up to 10,000 precisely modelled anatomy structures in your VR device. Amazing graphics and intuitive control allows you to explore the human anatomy from a whole new point of view. A unique function – AntMode – makes you 40 times smaller in order to explore inner body structures in a greater detail.
Can you rebuild the human body? Do you know where the Humerus is located? Get to know the whole human body in an enjoyable way thanks to the High School Anatomy.
The High School Anatomy is an educational application in virtual reality. The application depicts precise anatomy models suitable for medical students and doctors. High School Anatomy offers unique virtual and educational experience. Human Anatomy employs all advantages of virtual reality in order to make learning more entertaining and effective.
The High School Anatomy contains all anatomy systems.
And a lot of amazing functions.


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