Rewellio stroke therapy (Quest) (APP LAB)

Rewellio provides a stroke rehabilitation exercise platform, designed for both therapists and patients. It is built on proven and new rehabilitation methods. Rewellio’s goal is to offer motivational games and exercises to gain more and better therapy time. With the freedom to exercise anywhere and any time, you can train at your personalized pace. Dive into a friendly virtual environment guided by a speaking avatar, to help you along the way. Virtual Reality allows you to start your additional training at an early stage and experience both hands as “active” hands. The system detects and learns your range of motion and challenges you to improve it. As you play, the difficulty will increase according to your success. This in turn will enable you to better prepare for your next session with your therapist. Within rewellio’s dashboard, you can track your progress. Visualizing your improvement will help you to stay motivated throughout your rehabilitation process.


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