Touchy Feely (Quest) (APP LAB)

This is the first draft of a system I want to use to build experiences with hand tracking, it features

- touch response, this is colour and sound for temperature and pressure
- custom shader, I'm learning shader graph and want to make a battered comic book style

What I hope to do

- create a small short story in this space, about someone packing down the apartment of a loved one that has passed away.
- polish the grab and feedback mechanics based on some feedback
- add teleport and explore hand based teleport
- work on more natural engaging interactions

I'm making this public to get a read on the grabbing and the art style, I still want to add audio and polish the mechanics. My goal is also to create technical and creative experiments and share them. I want to publish often and develop in public! You can see all my development work at and develop with me on Saturday mornings!!!