Transformer Oil Sampling VR Training (Quest) (APP LAB)

Through the training, attendees are given a task to perform a preventive maintenance procedure — transformer oil sampling. Participants are invited to collect the necessary tools and step-by-step carry out the sampling procedure for transformer oil of voltage class 110 kV

What Skill Do You Acquire After Completing
After successful completion, attendees will know what tools are required to perform transformer oil sampling, set up a workspace, be aware of all safety considerations and requirements to be observed.

VR Benefits Over Traditional Education
Employees who would otherwise be subject to training in harsh, high-risk circumstances can learn and make decisions in a physically-safe environment through VR. The safety factor alone can be enough to justify investment in VR due to the cost of accidents both in training and on the job. Heavy equipment doesn’t have to be brought to a particular training location or suer wear and tear as numerous trainees learn how to operate it.