Across France Brittany (PC)

"Across France Brittany" is an experience which allows you to discover and visit one of the most attractive areas in France.
Brittany is this big peninsula pointing straight West from France into the Atlantic ocean. Here is the land of mystery and the craddle of the Celtic culture.
This experience carries you away into ten spectacular locations each with a hyghly entertaining narrative that guides you round astounding views.
you are visiting Saint Malo, the harbour of the privateers, then the Arrée Mountains ,the oldest mountains of Europe and then Saint Mathieu Abbey at the West end of the old christian world for instance.
You will also discover 16 view points with relaxing music and recordings of natural sounds. You will chill out as long as you want. (viewing beaches, rivers, lake, castles, standing stones, forest and so on.)
All the movies are made in 4k stereoscopic for a really immersive experience.