Hadrian's Villa Reborn: Stadium Garden (Android)

Take a virtual tour of the Stadium Garden at Hadrian’s Villa, the World Heritage Site located in Tivoli, Italy. Despite the modern name, it consisted of structures used to host imperial audiences, receptions, and dinner parties. You will visit the site reconstructed as it appeared in the 130s CE. Your guide is Prof. Bernard Frischer, Director of the Digital Hadrian’s Villa Project.

If art interests you, this is the right tour for you! You will see the 16 statues illustrating the tragic story of Niobe in the South Nymphaeum and the only known sculpture gallery at the villa. Here you will see such famous statues as Endymion, Cupid and Psyche, and the Pasquino Group. All have been painstakingly restored, even down to the color used to paint the white marble.

Anyone who takes Flyover Zone’s virtual tour of the Stadium Garden comes away knowing far more about the place than even a visitor to the actual archaeological site, now reduced to a grassy field.


Flyover Zone


Flyover Zone