Hazard Perception VR (Android)

Hazard Perception VR is unlike any hazard perception test you have tried before. Within our 360-degree CGI clips and naturalistic video clips, you are able to look wherever you want to find those hazards. With our novel test format, we assess and train the skill that lies at the heart of hazard perception: Hazard Prediction. Our clips occlude just as the hazard begins to appear and you are asked “What happens next?” If you were looking in the right place at the right time, you will be able to choose the correct answer. You can review the clips in the library to see what really happened. Hazard Perception VR is available for a limited time only. Your scores will be used in a road safety research project to help improve hazard perception training and assessment. As a thank you for helping us with our research, this app is completely FREE for the duration of the project. This app is sponsored by the Road Safety Trust, the RAC Foundation and the DVSA.


Nottingham Trent University