Hadrian's Villa Reborn: South Theater (Android)

Flyover Zone presents Hadrian’s Villa Reborn, a series of products taking you on virtual tours of the building complexes that made up this government retreat located at Tivoli near Rome. Travel back in time to the Roman theater at the villa. It stands on private property not accessible to the public. Then, turn the clock back 1800 years and see how the theater looked in antiquity. Learn about the man who built it, the Emperor Hadrian. Find out what went on here, go up in the air to see the theater in its geographical context, learn about Roman villas, and get a close look at the spectacular sculptural decoration, which has been digitally reconstructed. Learn why there was a temple in the theater and hear why we think it was dedicated to Hercules. Along the way, get to know the long history of how artists and archaeologists have tried to understand and reconstruct this gem of Roman art and architecture. Your guide is archaeologist Bernard Frischer. 26 stops, 90 minutes.


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