Winery Tour in Georgia (Android)

Georgian winemaking method is a part of UNESCO Intangible Heritage. It is the longest uninterrupted tradition of creating wine in the world. Georgia is also one of the oldest winegrowing countries - the pips of the grapes that have been found at Shulaveri Gora historical site are witnessing the fact that the locals were cultivating vines here around 8000 years ago.
How does a winery visit look like, once you're in Georgia? Of course, it's a bit of history, a bit of technology, and of course, some excellent food, drinks, songs, and toasts. Take a tour in Giuaani Winery in Manavi (Kakheti), discover more about the Georgian wine, and attend the friendly Georgian supra with the international visitors afterward!
Of course, this is a demo version that gives you an idea about a half a day winery tour - it takes only one hour to get there from Tbilisi. But a deeper immersion will take you a bit longer. More wineries, more tastings, more exciting landscapes... Georgia is very diverse!


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