SQUARE ONLINE - Mahjong Online - (Android)

■ VR compatible online Mahjong appeared!
Online Mahjong game that can be played on iOS, Android and Oculus Go!

■ Operation is just a tap
Easy to operate and intuitive!

■ Adopt M League rules
Internet Mahjong uses the rare M-League rules.
Please check the official website for detailed rules.

■ Voice chat support
You can play while chatting with friends in voice chat, or Vtuber can use it for events.

■ Feel free to play against CPU
Since it implements a CPU battle that is not strong, please enjoy yourself.

* You cannot get actual money or rewards through gameplay.
* Gambling does not necessarily improve with game play.
* This game is recommended for Mahjong fans and adults who want to learn Mahjong.


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