MOD Haus (PC)

Shopping started in bazaars. Then it moved into brick-and-mortar stores. Now, it is done online. What if everything you learned about shopping was wrong? Have you ever wanted to shop without limitation, restriction, and general discomfort? It is time to begin shopping in the way it was meant to be: direct, in a fun environment, with the ability to see and try all of the items before making the final purchase decision. No more driving. No more waiting in lines. No more boredom from online listings with clunky interfaces. No more misrepresentation of size and quality from misleading product photographs.

The avatar in MOD Haus is you! Change the character's appearance and height to match your own. All of these settings are editable in real-time, for passing the headset to friends and family.

It is time to get virtu-real shopping, at home. Welcome to MOD Haus!







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