Mobile VR Station (Android)

This is the third re-write of Mobile VR Station and was based upon the successful iOS/Android versions, but re-imagined to work only in VR. The player has been built from the ground up to display 2D & 3D content on various projections such as Plane, Spherical, Dome, Full Dome, Curved and EAC. The player is still being developed and additional features will be added over time.

The player will continue in its freemium tradition and allows you to try all features before buying. The only limitation of the free version is it will only play the first five minutes of any video, but you are free to make sure it works with your content and has all the needed features at your leisure. We offer support on our Facebook page if you have any questions and links are available inside the app to our various pages, online tutorials and the extensive help guide.


M-Gate Labs, LLC


Michael Fuller