Headjack Link (PC)

The Link app is designed for frictionless content review of your Headjack apps. Login at https://headjack.io, select one of our Essential Templates and create an app, upload your 360 videos and assets and generate a unique 6 digit pin code on the app page. Enter your pin code in Headjack Link and it will automatically sync all of your app settings and content, granting you immediate access to all of your files for direct content review. Headjack Link is designed for both non-technical users and power users of the Headjack platform and serves as a frictionless alternative to our App Cloud Build solution.

- 6 digit pin code log-in
- Frictionless content review
- Easy to share and use for non technical users/clients
- All in one interface
- Automatically syncs app with Essential template selected in Headjack CMS
- No sideloading required
- Kiosk, Cinema and Grid templates available
- No set-up time
- Easy logo placement
- Easy to use Template Variables




Viveport Oculus

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