Liminal (Android)

Alter your state of mind and choose how you’d like to feel and perform.
Explore a range of experiences which apply research by neuroscientists and psychologists as well as tried and tested techniques commonly used in the music, movie and games industry to induce and augment emotional and cognitive states.
There are currently two categories of experience: Calm and Energy with new experiences and more categories to be released over time.
Calming experiences are relaxing and beautiful, whereas energizing experiences are fun and invigorating. The effectiveness of all experiences are measured based on feedback from users like you.

Main Features:
- Change your emotional and cognitive states on demand
- 14 experiences (7 calming and 7 energizing) created by VR developers all over the world
- See the emotional effects of each experience based on in built psychometrics.


Liminal VR


Christian Schladetsch



En otras plataformas

Liminal (Quest) (APP LAB)