0°N 0°W VR (PC)

A first person surreal exploration adventure of visual auditory stimuli now available in VR!
The VR edition will be developed in an open beta format, giving you a chance to jump into the surreal worlds of 0°N 0°W right away! Participate in the development journey by downloading this free DLC that enables VR support. The process will entail many many patches with an estimated final release date in late Fall of 2018. As this is a work in progress there may be quite a number of bugs and missing features on this edition of 0°N 0°W until final release, make sure you and your bandwidth are ready for this before participating!

This very first alpha is set in one of the largest worlds of 0°N 0°W: The Retro Neon City! That beautiful Tron like CAD construct full of abstracted skyscrapers and doodle like forests rendered in a cacophony of primary colors. You'll start in your apartment as usual and have full freedom to explore every nook and cranny of this neon dimension.


Compatible with all SteamVR headsets.Intended for a seated or standing experience. Room scale is available but remember to return to your center after walking about.For use with Controllers, movement is decoupled from head aiming.This is the first alpha, as such there are a few bugs and discrepancies with the PC version. Additionally the out of bounds teleportation transition is currently disabled so unless you want to restart the experience don't jump into the void!If you run into any problems, bugs or want to actively participate in the development process please feel free to post in the VR discussion board!To access this VR edition open the 0N0WVR.exe in the VR folder found inside your game's installation directory.







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