VR SUPER SPORTS - 10 Edition (PC)

10 Edition

This DLC adds 2 kinds of sports games, table tennis and golf to VR SUPER SPORTS.
There are upgrades also in the sports game up to now!
  • Boxing became able to change the number of rounds.
  • Bowling has added a new color ball.
  • Japanese Archery, Kart and DLC-Golf has added the twilight.
  • DLC-Table tennis changes color of table tennis table depending on difficulty.

    About added sports

  • Table Tennis: Let's defeat full-scale opponents with technique!
  • Golf: Over 400 yards at Resort Island Course!?
         Aim for eagle with a newly developed putting guide system!

*This game is a full-body VR experience. Before playing make sure your surroundings are clear of all friends, furniture, children, spouses, cats, dogs, long-lost siblings, and important equipment entrusted to you by your clients.








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