La Hora Virtual 28. Noticias + Half-Life: Alyx + Oculus Link

Esta semana tenemos dos temas principales: la confirmación del juego de Valve y la beta del software que permite disfrutar de los contenidos de Rift con Quest.

21 NOV 2019  10:15


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La Hora Virtual 28. Noticias + Half-Life: Alyx + Oculus Link

Aunque todavía no tenemos información sobre Half-Life: Alyx (la comparten hoy mismo), aprovechamos la confirmación de este buque insignia de la RV de Valve para comentar qué esperamos de este juego y cómo hemos vívido la reacción de la comunidad gaming en general. Además, abordamos el lanzamiento de la beta de Oculus Link.



Os podéis suscribir desde este enlace, también estamos en ivoox, iTunes y YouTube.

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  • lecitron



    Gear VR
    Oculus Quest
    Escribo aquí para la gente que tenga problemas con oculus link en steam, que sino se pierde xD

    I've been testing the performance of the link with an RX 580 and noticed a couple of things that I haven't really seen mentioned. It may help with other GPUs and link users also. One, SteamVR sets the resolution too high so turning it down will help performance. I have mine set to 1444 x 1600 on custom resolution which is like 60 something percent. Steam had it set to around 74%. I then edit the resolution of really taxing games individually if necessary.
    Here is the big thing I realized, the program handling the link does not get priority. I was running Skyrim and only reaching 50 to 70% usage on my CPU and 70% on the graphics card. SteamVR showed me getting more than 72 frames but the gameplay was choppy and nearly unplayable, even when lowering the resolution further. Going into task manager and setting OVRserver to Realtime priority pretty much completely got rid of the annoying stutters with SkyrimVR.
    I then booted up a game I could play smoothly before changing priority, Pavlov. With that game, I had to lower settings to get a smooth experience and turn off AA. Now I could up the scaling and AA without the massive stuttering. It improved the frames immensely! I notice very little difference between the Link and my CV1 now in terms of performance. The program name is OVRserver_x64.exe to be exact btw.

    TLDR: This may help those experiencing stutters but have high frames. Go to Task manager, details, find OVRserver_x64.exe, right-click, set priority, realtime

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