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    Milenari0 » 27 ABR 2016  20:48
    Los desarrolladores publicaron esto en steam:

    Important Announcement!

    Hey everyone,

    Today we got informed by Valve that there are issues with the name Portal Stories:VR. We've been requested to change the name of our game. At this point we're not sure yet what we're going to call it, but we're in talks with Valve to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    Unfortunately this also means that we'll have to delay the release of the game again. We still plan to release as soon as possible, but it's going to take some more time. We have to agree on a new name, change all of our promotional assets and make some adjustments in the game itself.

    Basicamente lo que dicen es que hay un desacuerdo con el nombre final del titulo y que no dejan que se llame Portal Stories, por lo que deben de retrasar su salida para acordar otro nombre con Valve .
    Dicen que la fecha de salida la preveen para el 27 de Mayo, aqui os dejo el link al post de steam en el que lo anunciaron los desarrolladores:
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