Tema: Plugins para configurar los graficos en UE4.


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    » 8 ABR 2015  15:43

    You can download the plugin here;

    And you can contribute to the source code here;

    It will pop up this window when you start the game (but not the editor) and allow users to lower graphical settings to help them hit 75 fps.

    Pixels Per DisplayPixel: adjusts the resolution, and has a dramatic effect on performance.
    Anti-Aliasing: Lowering this to Low/Medium will help performance at high resolutions
    Post Processing: Lowering this to Low/Medium will disable tone mapping and bloom, both of which have a high impact on performance

    The rest are pretty self explanatory.

    You can change the banner image by replacing this file;


    Aun no he podido hacer pruebas para implementarlo en las demos, pero lo dejo en el foro por si alguno quiere trastear hasta que me ponga con esto.

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