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  • gotmog

    13 Abr 2014 22:03

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    Oculus Rift Development Kit 2
    PlayStation VR
    Lenovo Explorer
    Oculus Quest 2
    gotmog » 4 SEP 2014  21:40



    New Features


    Added OVRServiceLauncher Windows service, resolving the issue with the service not launching automatically on some systems.
    Added a new chroma setting for minimum eye relief, improving chromatic aberration correction when configured through the Oculus Configuration Utility.
    Added “Riftsaver” mode, which turns off Rift display in direct mode if the headset is not in use.


    Bug Fixes
    Oculus SDK


    Fixed an issue where the built-in latency tester would randomly stop working and the DK2 would have to be reset. This fix requires an update to the provided 2.12 firmware in the latest runtime installer.
    Removed ATL references from the LibOVR Win32 Display code.
    Fixed full core utilization of Oculus Configuration Utility when in Desktop mode.
    Fixed the lag in Oculus Configuration Utility when the service is stopped.
    Miscellaneous improvements to the Oculus Runtime Service (now called OVRServer).




    Fixed crashes and corruption when using 64-bit client with 32-bit service.
    Fixed NullReferenceExceptions due to script initialization order.
    Fixed race conditions in TimeWarp responsible for camera stutter.

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    18 Ago 2013 16:58

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    Oculus Quest
    Oculus Quest 2
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    altair28 » 4 SEP 2014  21:53

    Ya hay un hilo sobre esto

    Mi PC: AMD Ryzen 7 7700x, Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti, 32 Gb RAM DDR5 6000Mhz