Tema: Oculus Medium se une a la familia Adobe.


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    RadiandoCultura » 6 DIC 2019  18:55

    Pues eso, que el programa Oculus Medium (de pintar, modelar, animar, hacer arte en realidad virtual) pasa a formar parte de la familia Adobe.


    A principios de año Adobe adquirió Allegorithmic (Substance) creando un grupo que será nuevo hogar de Medium.


    Más info: ocul.us/medium-adobe


    La noticia la ha puesto hoy Naomi Cornman en el grupo de Oculus Medium del facebook:

    """We’ve been quieter than usual because we’ve been working on some big news! We’re excited to announce that Oculus Medium is joining the Adobe family! This is an important milestone for VR, and for artists like you, in substantiating the power of creating in VR. Earlier this year, Adobe acquired Allegorithmic (makers of the Substance tools) and created a new 3D and Immersive group. This group will be Medium’s new home!

    We absolutely could not have done this without the talent and energy from this amazing community. Your passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to Medium has grown the tool itself, and inspires the Medium development team daily.

    We’re incredibly excited for the next chapter of Medium, and to see what you create!"""



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    Catastrofe !!!!!!

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