Tema: The Oculus SDK v0.4.0 Beta has been released!


  • javierkaly

    8 Ene 2014 11:22

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    javierkaly » 25 JUL 2014  1:35
    Ya está aquí

    Release Highlights

    * Added DK2 Positional Tracking support.
    * Introduced Oculus Runtime that is installed separately from the SDK. Runtime package includes the Oculus Config Utility, service and drivers.
    * Introduced Oculus Display Driver under Windows that routes rendering output directly to the headset, with an option of mirroring it in a window.
    * Added Health and Safety Warning screen that should be displayed on application start-up.
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  • altair28


    18 Ago 2013 16:58

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    altair28 » 25 JUL 2014  1:46
    Ya está el hilo para la noticia de portada. Seguimos comentandolo alli

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