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    Oculus Quest
    lecitron » 22 May 2019  7:55
    The idea is based on r/OculusStore and r/OculusGoStore made by user brooksc. Basically, there's a bot account that will monitor the Oculus website for changes and then posts those changes as they happen. Some users combined those subreddits with Reddit's RSS feature to get a feed, which can further be combined with tools like IFTTT for alerts or notifications. However, it's mainly nice for bringing the sales onto my reddit front page. Personally, I check reddit more often than I manually visit the oculus website or check twitter. If you've missed a flash sale in the past, having one more way to find out could help.

    You can already see my bot in action on r/OculusQuestStore - it's posted all of the available Quest games, since they all technically just came out. The two old subreddits for rift and go were previously discontinued, but I'm using the same bot to restart those subs too. There's just nothing to see yet until a change trigger my bot to post there, unlike the brand new Quest store.

    Consider subscribing to r/OculusQuestStore if you think it might be useful to you, and let me know your thoughts if you have any feedback to share.

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