Tema: Todos los hmd de Oculus en espera en Amazon, demasiada demanda?


  • lecitron

    18 Jun 2018 21:44

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    Oculus Quest
    lecitron » 17 DIC 2018  10:40
    Se ve que han hecho corto los de oculus:
    All Oculus headsets on backorder on Amazon

    Oculus underestimating holiday demand? Rift has been on backorder on Amazon (US) for a week now which is a first in terms of length. Oculus Go headsets have also now been put on backorder which as far as I'm aware has never happened before with those headsets. All 3 headsets were in the top 100 video game sales chart before going out of stock. The 64bit Go headset in fact reached #29 on the top 100 video game chart before going on backorder which is the highest it's been since the initial launch month.
    They're still available from other retailers but may not be for long.

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