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    10 Feb 2017 05:08

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    JamieD » 5 NOV 2018  3:39
    Hello All
    From previous posts you will be aware that we are having issues when our apps are run in virtual environments. Our apps are plain vanilla hyper file classic business applications that just collect data from users and print reports, no fancy graphics, api calls or active x etc. Just standard Windev code.
    Our apps run perfectly in real physical servers, but every installation of our Windev applications in a virtual environment has problems. These are corrupted indexes and an occassional failure to read our main wdl file and other files. The apps also run slow but I think that is a different issue.
    I do not really understand the technicalities of virtual environments, but the explanation from all the "experts" is that it the index corruptions and failure to read the files are due to "latency issues".
    Because they do not run well in any virtual environment (Citrix & WMWare), I have to think that there is at least some small part of Windev that is not compatble with virtual servers.
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    Is a Windev app susceptible to network latency ?
    I have also written to Tech Support so I will let you know their answer in due course
    This is becoming a big problem for us. Our clients are being advised to go virtual because it is the current great idea, but all we get are problems. I suspect the problems may be due in part, to a lack of knowledge by the hardware companies installing the virutal servers, but also possibly some flaw in Windev ?
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