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  • oldsysop

    21 Jul 2013 11:34

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    oldsysop » 2 NOV 2018  5:51
    Otro usuario :

    I played a few hours of DCS in the Odyssey+ and then switched to the Rift and then back to the Odyssey+. I can't stand how the Samsung fits, and when I can make it usable the headphones aren't low enough. So I did the velcro stretchy strap mod which helped relieve some of the uncomfortable feeling but seemed to leave a gap between my cheeks and headset. I then did the strap mod which pulls the bottom of the headset in which sealed the gap and fixed most of my issues with the fitting with the exception of the headphones fitting perfectly.

    Unfortunately I aggravated my wound to the point it's swollen so it looks like I will be forced to take time off. For the record because the Rift sits lower than the Samsung+ I have not been using it prior to this because of what I have going on. It is just bad timing and will need to decide what I will end up doing with it.

    If anyone would locally wants to check it out let me know.

    Otro :

    Context: I’ve owned (and heavily used) an HTC Vive since release 2 ½ years ago. Mostly in iRacing. Also in BeatSaber, Audioshield, Arizona Sunshine, Minecraft, Brookhaven, blah blah blah.

    First impressions (before I even plug it in)

    There’s not much in the box.
    1 headset
    2 controllers
    1 cloth

    Stark contrast to the Vive
    1 headset
    2 controllers
    3 power adapters
    3 USB cables
    2 light houses
    2 lighthouse brackets
    1 HDMI cable
    1 Breakout box
    1 spare foam surround
    1 pair headphones
    1 lens cloth
    Maybe some other bits I forgot

    Removing the breakout box does away with the HDMI cable, 1 power adapter, and 1 USB cable. GOOD.
    The controllers are AA powered, which does away with two more USB cables and 2 more power adapters. I have many AA Eneloops and a fancy charger. Good for me. Maybe not for other users. GOOD.
    The headphones are integrated and not removeable / replaceable / repairable. What happens when they fill with sweat, or start to fail, or just don’t sound as good as my Philips SHP9500 or Sennheiser HD650? I don’t want anyone to defend them by saying I shouldn’t expect them to sound as good as headphones that cost as much as the headset. That’s fine. They shouldn’t. But I don’t want to be forced to used crappy headphones. I’ve never used the Vive headphones – they’ll still be sealed in whatever plastic bag they shipped in, and usually used the Philips with aftermarket leatherette cups. But with the Odyssey+ I’m going to be forced to use low budget on-ear (not over ear) headphones that, like all headphones ever made, will eventually fail and not be replaceable. Possibly bad enough for me to return the unit regardless of visuals. BAD. Very very BAD.

    The foam surrounding the HMD is removable, and I assume before long, replaceable with OEM or VRCovers. GOOD.
    There are two more large foams on the front and rear of the straps. These are not removable and the front one, which presses on my forehead, will get soaked playing Beat Saber. Very unhygienic. Will eventually start to smell. BAD

    OK, let me try it on.
    The unit is comfortable. All the weight is on the head straps, and the face foam is not pressed against my face. GOOD.
    The face foam is not pressed against my face, and light pours in around my nose. BAD.
    Oh dear, the position of the main unit is not adjustable relative to the straps. If I adjust the position of the straps on my head so that the main unit fits around my face, the headphones do not go over my ears (yes, I know they swivel and extend). If I adjust the straps to get the headphones to fit over my ears, the main unit is not snug to my face. I can see I’m going to have a hate-hate relationship with these headphones. I consider the size and shape of my head to be rather boringly regular for a 6’1” male Caucasian. Some of my motorbike and bike helmets are a medium. Some are a large. Apart from the Arai brand, they all fit me comfortably. I guess the Odyssey+ is not designed for a regular male Caucasian. Very very very BAD.

    I’m going to go make dinner, then plug it in and set it up after I’ve eaten. I was excited about this, but the permanent foam and headphones are making me rather negative. If the after-dinner review has an overall favorable conclusion, the visuals must be really good.

    OK, let me get it installed
    First off, turn on the PC (not the one I’m writing this on) and download the drivers from samsung.com. Oh, no drivers. That’s odd. Let me look at the manual. Downlaod that. Wait a minute… this manual is the same as the regular Odyssey manual (date & pictures). What’s actually in the box? Oh, the paper manual is for the Odyssey+. The one on the Odyssey+ website is not. Naughty-naughty, Samsung.
    Step 1. Turn on the PC and connect to HDMI + USB3.0 ports.
    Does anyone else find it odd that I turn on the PC before connecting the HDMI?
    1/ It auto installs everything.
    2/ It’s telling me I can’t use the controllers because I don’t have Bluetooth 4.0
    3/ It’s searching for the controllers it just told me I can’t use.
    Two or three different places encouraged me to install Samsung Odyssey home or something like that, a portal where I can pay for software. I skipped it each time. I’ve been buying software through Steam for ~15 years. I don’t need another portal.
    Am I sounding grumpy?

    I opted for a seated setup, and, to be fair, apart from searching for controllers it knows I cannot use, setup was painless.

    I can’t test it because iRacing is offline (I’m writing this in MSWord), and I can’t use other games because I don’t have Bluetooth…

    I’m looking around in the WMR home. The head tracking works well, and I can walk around, even though I opted for a seated setup. There’s a danger I’ll walk into a wall I suppose. The image is colorful, bright, low SDE, and reasonably distortion-free. The IPD adjuster is easy to use. The FoV feels narrower than the Vive, but the Odyssey+ sweetspot is edge-to-edge, so makes up for it. I’m bored now.

    I put the batteries in the controllers and they paired immediately. I thought it said I don’t have BT4? I’m pretty sure I don’t. My ASUS Z370A motherboard doesn’t have it, and I haven’t added it. I wonder if it’s built into the headset. If it isn’t, it certainly should be. I wonder if it’s in my Vive breakout box that is still connected?
    Controller tracking works well.

    Fired up BeatSaber (iRacing is still down). Clarity and distortion is much better than the Vive. It’s more comfortable. The sabers are at a slightly odd angle, which makes my wrists feel broken. Played a track. No issues to report, but the extra clarity didn’t improve the enjoyment. Still need to try iRacing. Still offline.

    Woohoo- it's online. Let me copy-paste these words into the forum and I'll go race.

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  • oldsysop

    21 Jul 2013 11:34

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    oldsysop » 2 NOV 2018  18:44
    Este tio las devuelve. Se queda con su Facebook.

    My Odyssey+ arrived yesterday. Current headset is an Oculus Rift CV1. I agree with everything mentioned so far in this thread.

    Whereas the Oculus Rift CV1 seems like you are looking through a screen door, the Odyssey+ looks to me as if the image were projected on a fabric with very tight weave. No complaints. I was pleased with that part of the display. The increased resolution (really 50% over the Rift) was not too apparent. I've been racing at Belle Isle and looked at the Blue Cross Blue Shield banner on the left side of pit row and the text on the bottom was equally legible between the Rift and Odyssey+. However, the moire (is that what you call it) wavy lines pattern that appears on things like bleachers in the stands and other tight lines was much worse than the Rift. Also there was a terrible amount of chromatic aberration (where you see faint red or blue lines on the edges of things with a high contrast differential. It is difficult to get the headset to stay in place to keep your eyes in the sweet spot, even though the IPD adjustment dial was easy to use.

    Very disappointed here. I can wear the Rift for an hour and it feels like a nice cushion on my face with weight evenly distributed. I do use a cloth cover on my Rift over the foam face insert. The Odyssey+ concentrated weight in certain areas and didn't touch my face/head in others. I realize after using the Odyssey+ how much I've been taking comfort for granted with the Rift. By the way, the material on the Odyssey+ that touches your face/head is a thin neoprene. I think it's a great material for a VR headset. It's stretchy, smooth, and breathable.

    Normal sized head here. Headphones don't go low enough as everybody else has stated. Sound was more "thin" as a result of them not fully covering my ears.

    The Odyssey+ packaging is kind of pathetic, but I certainly care 100x more about a product than its packaging.

    Super quick. No issues.

    I've already printed my return label and it's being sent back to Microsoft for a return today. I figured this might be the case, so I'm not too disappointed. Just happy to be able to try something out that would have plagued my curiosity for a while! Looking forward to something better in the future! Whether you like the Odyssey+ or not, I hope my fellow iRacers are able to find a VR headset that works for them.
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  • Zurdo

    8 Nov 2016 13:03

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    Gear VR
    Zurdo » 9 NOV 2018  14:53
    Yo me estoy planteando seriamente la posibilidad de comprarme las Odyssey+ en Eglobalcentral por casi 600€.
    Si alguien tiene información de primera mano o experiencia en cuanto a la tienda mencionada o sobre el visor o quiere aconsejarme o desaconsejarme algo agradezco cualquier tipo de aporte.
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  • Rioku

    2 Oct 2018 14:05

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    Lenovo Explorer
    Rioku » 12 NOV 2018  11:13

    - Review desde la perspectiva de un Simracer de las Odyssey Plus.

    Quien no quiera verla entera, puede ir directamente al minuto 19:00

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