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  • oldsysop

    21 Jul 2013 11:34

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    oldsysop » 17 JUL 2018  19:09
    A nadie le importa por eso ni se postea.
    Por si a alguno le interesa :

    Software de Oculus, versión 1.28.0
    New language support
    We’ve added support across core software, including Dash, Oculus desktop app and Oculus Home, for the following languages: Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin American), Italian, Norwegian, and Polish.
    You can change your language in the Oculus desktop app with the “Language Preference” option in the “General” tab on the “Settings” page.
    Oculus desktop app
    We’re starting to test personalized app recommendations on your Home Page.
    We’ve added per-application language pack support for developers. As developers start to use this feature, you’ll see what languages are available for each application and set your specific language pack via the app’s Library detail panel.
    Rift Core 2.0 Beta
    We’ve upgraded the Oculus Avatars with new custom hair, skin shading, clothing, and eyewear designs. You can customize your avatar from within Home: select the “Avatar Editor” mirror from the “Special Items” category and place anywhere in your Home.
    Developers who upgrade to the latest Avatar SDK will be able to utilize these new avatars in their apps.

    Tardaron 3 años en agregar Spanish.
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  • Harold


    10 May 2013 23:05

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    Gear VR
    PlayStation VR
    Harold » 17 JUL 2018  21:24
    No pasa nada, así se ve que ya no está en beta.
    VR is here!
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  • oldsysop

    21 Jul 2013 11:34

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    oldsysop » 8 AGO 2018  21:59
    Sigue sin importale a nadie , pero bueno , aqui va :

    Software de Oculus, versión 1.29.0
    A new Belt: Improved hover states and materials give the belt a more modern look and feel. Come check it out!
    We've added new contextual menus for panels within Dash. You can open them by aiming at a panel and pressing B or Y.
    New performance improvements reduce load times and smooth rendering.
    Animation for Custom Assets: Home now has basic animation support for custom assets. Models will now loop the first animation found in the .glb file. Note that Morph Target and Skinned animations are not currently supported. More information is available in the the Rift Core 2.0 beta user guide.
    Oculus desktop app :
    Unknown sources: We are improving how we show 3rd party apps in your Library; for some apps, we are also giving users the ability to edit titles and add custom command prompts.

    Tambien hay actualizacion de firmware.
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