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    17 Jun 2014 19:51

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    This comedy sketch by Gigguk shows what it would be like for a waifu to suddenly discover she's sentient, and through her transition from virtual to actual reality we learn all about the world of waifus.

    The Waifu phenomenon is hard for many people to understand, but those lonely anime lovers who would rather pretend to have a relationship with the animated apple of their eye than get with a real girl totally get it.

    And yet no otaku actually believes their illustrated waifu or husbando will ever come to life and make their nerdy dreams come true, and to be honest most of them wouldn't even want their waifu if they came to laifu.

    On the flipside imagine what a kick in the pantsu it would be for a waifu to come to laifu and discover her betrothed is a shut-in who can't get a date with a real girl!

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