Tema: Torneo de The Unspoken VR en USA y Canada con 7500$ en premios


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    17 Jun 2014 19:51

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    ¿Estaremos viendo el inicio de los VR-E-Sports?

    Get ready for some competitive conjuring—we’ve teamed up with Microsoft, Insomniac Games, Intel, ASUS, and ESL to host an in-store battle for magical dominance! The Unspoken VR Tournament is coming soon to Microsoft Stores nationwide.

    On May 13, you can slip into the secret world of spellcasting at select Microsoft Store locations across the US and Canada. Local winners will battle it out at a series of regional competitions on May 20.

    All of this leads up to the main event—the national finals at the flagship Microsoft Store in NYC on June 3. Tune into Twitch for the livestream.

    We’ve got a ton of swag and prizes worth more than $7,500 on the table—not to mention bragging rights. All finalists get a free trip to New York where they’ll compete for the grand prize: Rift and Touch, plus an Oculus Ready PC and $1,250 in cash!

    Even if esports aren’t your forte, we hope you’ll check out The Unspoken’s urban enchantments. The game’s Arcane Update 3.0 launched earlier this month, so even seasoned archmages can see the future with the new Drifter class, summon demonic allies with the Burner artifact, and more. The Insomniac team also added a Celestial Mirror to customize your character’s look and class training to sharpen your competitive edge.

    With graphics and gameplay that Polygon equated to “basically Doctor Strange: The Dresden Files Adventure,” you may just find yourself playing The Unspoken ’til the cows come home.


    Me parece una buena iniciativa para que la gente acuda a las tiendas a probar la realidad virtual.

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