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    bigcan » 16 ENE 2014  9:10

    La mayor parte o casi todo son de Android ahí va el enlace:


    www.durovis.com/board/viewtopic. ... e879bef721


    De ahí podéis descargar




    Play Store:


    Dive City Rollercoaster (Dive Games / Free)
    Dive Unity Demo (Dive Games / Free)
    Dive World (i-mmersive / Free)
    Hang Gliding (i-mmersive / Free)
    OpenDive3D Example (Stefan Welker / Free)
    Rollercoaster (i-mmersive / Free)
    Shadowgun VR (Egidijus Infinitus / Free)
    Tuscany Dive (FabulousPixel / Free)
    VR StarTrooper Arena Fly (LocoVR / Free)


    Little Demo - flying object by FabulousPixel
    WIP: Island Demo by kwx




    Play Store:


    3D Virtual Reality FPS Demo (Fabian Koch / Free)
    BubbleCars (Dive Games / Free)
    Dive Wings (Dive Games / Free)
    Go4d VR (Go4D Tech / Free)
    Jet Sprint (FabulousPixel / Free)
    Left 2 Die (GOPRASOFT / Free)
    The Height Demo (Dive Games / Free)
    VR MoonWalk (LocoVR / Free)
    VR Toilet Simulator (LocoVR / Free)
    Winding Path 3D (AvE Studio / Paid)




    [Beta] Space Arena by Salmo
    Jump to the Top Game by semaga
    Offline Mini-Demo: Skateboard Physics by Stefan
    Quake 2 by Stefan
    Test subject 14756 by Gizmo
    Offline VR Labyrinth by Mopheus




    Play Store:


    Dive Launcher (Dive Games / Free)
    divestreetview (MobiMicha / Free)
    Go Show (New Fuel Studio / Paid)
    Go Show Free (New Fuel Studio / Free)
    OpenDive GDXControl (Stefan Welker / Free)
    Side-By-Side Video Player (Funghisoft / Free)
    SimpleFPV (M. Keydel / Free)
    ViewR (Torben Bülter / Free)




    WIP: Iron Man Augmented Reality APP. by DJburner


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