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  • JacobVR

    26 Ene 2016 19:13

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    JacobVR » 16 NOV 2016  0:22
    Happy to share the news that we have a new update of our SLR app for Oculus Rift .
    - We have added a ton of video adjustment options including: Zoom Tilt IPD Adjustment Height Brightness Contrast Saturation Force Monoscopic
    - We've also added some global settings like anti-aliasing options and supersampling.
    - Our video player UI has been significantly updated
    - now it is real to play local files from the app as well as stream.
    We are working on getting more full length videos s and will soon have an option to subscribe to studios and stream full length videos directly from the app.
    Hope you would like the update! Also the app is auto-updating what will help us to bring new stuff on more frequent occasion.

    P.S: We have updated version for HTC Vive also.

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