Tema: DeoVR for HTC Vive. Native Vive VR video player with IPD adjustment, zoom, tilt, subtitles and more


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    9 Mar 2016 10:43

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    WebEye » 24 SEP 2016  0:48
    DeoVR video player finally arrives at Vive. Sorry it took so long. We experienced major hardware downtime and then wanted to finish off some extra features that we hope you will like:

    IPD adjustment
    Subtitles (subtitle filename should match video filename)
    Playback speed (yep, you can have it in slo-mo)
    Fisheye videos correct playback (say hi to NaughtyAmerica videos)
    Force monoscopic
    Antialiasing settings
    Background color selection
    Mirror mode toggle

    You can also change the video player back end. This may help with performance problems or missing codecs. Media foundation is typically the most reliable. Please run the Hardware Accelerated shortcut for best performance

    We didn't want to release the player without getting these features ready. That why we had to postpone a few times. Rift version will be updated to Vive functionality during the next week.

    YouTube for Vive will be added in later releases (This currently works with Oculus only).

    Any feedback is highly appreciated. Love ya
    Streaming in VR
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