Tema: StarVR probado en el IFA 2016 y pronto se podrá usar en algunos cines IMAX


  • MaximVR

    17 Jun 2014 19:51

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    MaximVR » 1 SEP 2016  11:32

    There's no plans to sell the StarVR to the public just yet but it is now shipping to IMAX centres with the first one due to open soon in Los Angeles, followed by London, New York and Shanghai.


    First things first, the field of view - which is 210-degrees horizontal (approx double most other VR headsets) and 100-degrees vertical - is very cool. Immersive on immersive. Starbreeze has a trick where they switch between a 100-degree view and a 210-degree view during the demo so you can spot the difference.

    This is clearly where second-gen Rifts and Vives will need to get to on this particular point but the Vive in particular offers a much clearer, more vivid and appealing picture than the StarVR as it currently is.

    The head tracking is as good as we're used to but when you move your head, there is a bit more blur than you'd typically get with, say, HTC's headset. Speaking of distractions, the screen door effect is minimal, something Starbreeze and Acer have been working to do away with, but still just about apparent.

    The other thing to remember is that although StarVR's headset has a lot more pixels to play with than the likes of Oculus, it needs them. The two displays have a combined total of 5120 x 1440 resolution but this is stretched out over 210-degrees rather than 100 or 110. As such it looks similarly sharp as the big two headsets.

    This latest StarVR device has plenty of improvements to the optics and lenses over previous prototypes - which I haven't tried - but it's a shame that the overall picture isn't as mind-blowing as it could be. I was waiting to be bowled over and I was, in one sense, but not completely.
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  • dinodini

    14 May 2013 21:30

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    dinodini » 1 SEP 2016  13:20
    La Neo Geo de la RV!

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  • Sels

    24 Ene 2014 14:25

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    Sels » 4 SEP 2016  10:41
    Compraria este 10 veces antes que un vive/rift, una lastima que de momento no exista version comercial
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