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  • _C__

    6 Ene 2016 19:18

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    _C__ » 18 May 2016  20:56

    So if you have beta access to elite than you should know that beta 5 of the engineers update has brought some upgrades to elite specifically for the vive.

    There has been some confusion caused by this line of changelog:

    Provide a graphics option to adjust UI scale in VR with a maximum and default of 0.7 for Vive and 1.0 for Oculus

    Many users have searched and searched for this option in the menus. Unfortunatley this option simply does not exist in the menus which has caused many users to believe that the change hasn't actually been pushed to the current beta or that the change was bugged.

    However, and whether or not this is supposed to be accesible in the menu remains to be seen, part of this change has been implemented into the game, specifically the part about automatically adjusting the UI scale for the vive.

    I unfortunately don't have any comparison screenshots yet, but text and menus in Elite are much much more readable now. I'd say it has enhanced my ability to play a lot.

    If you have the beta for horizons I strongly suggest you give the new beta a whirl, I found it to be a huge improvement in readability. I'd love to hear some other responses.

    You can also utilize super sampling if you think that would help, personally with SS off I still found the text more than readable.

    Launching elite in the beta seems a bit convoluted but what I do is:

    Launch steam vr through steam and wait for it to be in a "ready" state.
    Launch elite dangerous and select launch with steam vr
    The launcher will open and then it will launch the old version of elite.
    Close this version of elite that opened and then select the horizons beta through the launcher and relaunch it
    Go to the graphics settings and set it to either VR Low or VR high depending on your rig.

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  • RVbeliever

    31 Mar 2016 08:34

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    RVbeliever » 18 May 2016  22:31
    A ver si le ponen una buena rebajita, que le tengo unas ganas...

    Que alguien comente si realmente ha mejorado con el Vive.
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  • altair28


    18 Ago 2013 16:58

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    altair28 » 19 May 2016  8:43
    Ayer estuve probando la nueva beta 5 y, efectivamente, la opción esa de ajustar la escala de la UI no aparece por ninguna parte. En mi caso yo los textos los veo exactamente igual que antes, así que no se.... pero claro, yo es que antes ya los veía bien, dejando aparte el tema del escaso antialiasing y el color tan poco apropiado para disimular el efecto rejilla.
    Mi PC: I5 3570K OC 4,2GHz. Gainward GTX1080 Phoenix GS. 16 Gb RAM
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