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  • RVbeliever

    31 Mar 2016 08:34

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    RVbeliever » 17 MAY 2016  8:17

    En Tomshardware han hecho una comparativa no de dos sino de los tres sistemas comerciales más extendidos en esta generación.




    Conclusiones (a ver si encuentro tiempo para traducirlas):


    The Vive has a lot going for it, and it's certainly the most complete package of all the VR headsets. You get the most stuff in the box, and there is nothing else you need to buy for the full-range of VR experiences, from seated to large room-scale games. Its optics and visuals are excellent, it has the widest field of view, the best tracking system and includes a pair of tracked motion controllers. It’s also the most adjustable headset for those who wear glasses, and the Steam store and SteamVR software has the most functionality and provides the best UX. The only disappointment is that if you are comparing its design side-by-side with the Rift and PlayStation VR it clearly isn’t the winner. Although it is comfortable to wear, even for extended periods, its ergonomics can’t compare with those of the other two headsets.


    If this comparison were about the headset alone, the Rift would be the clear winner here. Oculus has clearly put a lot effort into designing the most comfortable HMD it can, and combining it with class-leading optics and display technology, excellent built-in audio and perfect tracking. When you are wearing the Rift, and it is properly adjusted, it almost feels like it isn’t there. Unfortunately, Oculus decided to launch this amazing headset with the worst (for VR) method of control, an Xbox One gamepad, and when it comes to the quality of the VR experiences you can have on the Rift, they simply aren’t as impactful as those on the Vive.

    The Rift’s software and UX also leave a lot to be desired. Yes, the setup process is excellent and very easy to follow, even for the most inexperienced user, but the Oculus Home store and in-headset UI is half-baked and demonstrates Oculus’ inexperience in software. However, unlike hardware that can’t be fixed without redesigning or replacing something, software can be patched, and you can, of course, also use the Rift with Steam VR too. The Rift does have a wild card, though. That’s its upcoming Touch controllers, which could be a game changer. They look to be excellent, perhaps better than the Vive’s controllers, and if priced right, and combined with a release of some compelling room-scale VR experiences, the Rift could be elevated to be the best overall VR package.


    Because we haven’t been able to spend nearly as much time with PlayStation VR, there is quite a bit still that we don’t know about it, mostly on the software side of things. However, with the years of experience with its PlayStation consoles, we do expect the UX and UI of PSVR to be excellent and comparable, possibly better than SteamVR. It is also the most comfortable of all three headsets, even compared to the Rift because it’s ergonomic design is very different. Its weight is better distributed on your head, and its display box doesn’t press into your face.

    It also has excellent optics and display technology that partially make up for the gap in its raw specifications, and if you buy the Bundle, it comes with tracked controllers out of the box. Despite all that good, though, there’s no denying that as the cheapest headset (that is going to be powered by a system packing low-end CPU and GPU technology from three years ago) that the overall fidelity of its VR experiences isn’t going to be as good as that of the Vive. Is that as important? Perhaps not to everyone, and we’re sure that PSVR will offer some compelling, innovative and immersive VR experiences.
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  • jahrv

    9 Ene 2014 09:38

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    jahrv » 18 MAY 2016  18:03

    Pues estoy bastante de acuerdo con lo que dice. De todos modos, creo que cualquier comparativa que se haga a día de hoy de todo el conjunto (HMD, sensores, mandos, UX) es prematura. Es que tenemos a Valve que ha corrido como un campeón para tener todo en primera línea, luego Oculus que va con la lengua fuera detrás de Valve y no termina de ver la meta, y luego Sony que va dándose un puñetero paseo por pista como si le importase un pimiento llegar el primero o no porque sabe que en la recta final va a ir en plan Sonic (Sony, Sonic, si, me ha salido un chiste malo), y va a a arrasar en ventas.


    Creo que la comparativa total y completa hay que posponerla a finales de año. Van a ser unas Navidades con las espadas virtuales muy altas.

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